Saturday, January 03, 2009

Erick Fail

Over at VegetativeState, Oly Olafson takes the early lead in the race for the 2009 World's Stupidest Fucking Blogger Award (aka the Goldbergy). Says Oly:

Washington Post hires left-wing blogger. I guarantee they wouldn't hire someone from the right.

Well, we really don't need any reminder as to the liberal bias of the mainstream media, but I'll remind you anyway.

Greg Sargent was with the left-wing Talking Points Memo. Now he is with the Washington Post.

I'm sure Greg Sargent is good at what he does, but I'm also sure the Washington Post would not even consider hiring someone directly from the right-of-center blogosphere.

Not now, that's for damn sure.

After someone points out the 800-pound box turtle in the room, Oly yodel-simpers his response:

He was tossed quickly after lefty outrage — and let's be honest, it had more to do with the lefty outrage than later revelations. They weren't going to stand by him the minute the phones started wringing [sic!].
Yes, let's be honest. How does that go again?

On March 24 2006, RedState contributor Erick (Erickson) called the plagiarism allegations "lies" and said that "permissions obtained" were not reflected in the online record.

Or is it more like this?

Domenech said he needed to research the examples but that he never used material without attribution and had complained about a college editor improperly adding language to some of his articles.

Bonus fun, from Oly's comments: "Where does anyone get off insulting the CO-FOUNDER of a blog on his own blog?"

(Story via Memeorandum, and seen on many other blogs -- see here and here.)

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