Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C11 Was A Joke

Perhaps the finest mission statement since the launch of HotSoup:

Culture11 is just getting started. Over the next year we plan to grow our content offerings as well as provide you with even more interactive features that allow you to comment, contribute content and interact with others and connect communities around topics and causes you care about.

And then we plan to launch a line of New Coke and Crystal Pepsi-based wine coolers that the kids will just love.

The fatal flaw in C11's business model was the failure to line up a neocon sugar daddy who would subsidize bat shit if it spouted an anti-Arab, U.S. imperialist line. Namby-pamby wingnuttery from Megan McArdle-ultralites doesn't attract the high-dollar donors or the lily-white eyeballs of the Joe Droolbucket base. You gotta have hate!

I suspect Big Babywood isn't long for this worldwideweb either. How many variations on my career, which you've never heard of, wouldn't suck so hard if it wasn't for liberals can you read?

Fortunately, dear readers, due to low, low overhead and an appreciation for pacing, Roger Ailes will outlive a cockroach's herpes.

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