Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Howie Kurtz Confirms Cindy McCain's Criminal Record

From today's Ask the Putz Show, at washingtonpost.com:

Atlanta: Until last week, I thought the people who said they wouldn't vote for Sen. Obama because "he's a Muslim" were simply uninformed xenophobes. But on at least three occasions during the post-primary coverage (on NPR, ABC World News and CNN), when voters repeated the Muslim and flag rumors, they were left unchallenged by the reporter -- allowing those rumors to hang in the air and perhaps gain more traction. How do the media use the voices of regular people without becoming an echo chamber of misinformation?

Howard Kurtz: It's easy. Any time you mention an unfounded rumor, or quote someone as doing so, you have to say, clearly and unequivocally, that it's false. A failure to do so is a serious journalistic lapse, in my view.


New York: Perhaps not surprisingly, you've given Republican "bloggers" closely tied to the Republican Party a pass for their attacks on Michelle Obama, often even amplifying them. Are you willing to behave similarly if Democratic bloggers bring Cindy McCain into the fray? I'm not talking about her being rich here (that's no crime). I'm talking about real crimes -- her criminal record.

Howard Kurtz: My daily Web column is designed to give readers a taste of what commentators on the left and the right are saying, not for me to constantly debate those bloggers. Obama's GMA defense of his wife was all over cable news yesterday. But I have to say, while I don't like personal attacks on candidates' spouses, if a spouse goes on the campaign trail and then says something controversial -- like "first time I've been proud of my country" -- that is fair game. Spouses who don't want to be in the political crossfire can always choose not to campaign.

Did Howie say, clearly and unquivocally, that Cindy "Big Pharma" McCain doesn't have a criminal record? Not a syllable. The Putz has confirmed Cindy's lawbreaking activities.

For those who might protest that the Putz was simply answering questions: try harder. Howie's the one choosing the questions to answer -- which is why you never see questions pointing out his family ties to the G.O.P. or his constant Fox News-fluffing. (See the Editor's Note at the bottom of the page.) The Putz is, in fact, quoting the commenter from New York. Either the Putz is sitting on the real dirt on Cindy, or he's committed yet another serious journalistic lapse. My bet is on both.

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