Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Conservative To Unite The Faithful

Conservatives who think Old Man McCain isn't wingnutty enough have reason to rejoice. Bob "Titty" Barr has accepted the Libertarian Party's nomination for President. Of the United States.

Barr, who until 2006 was a Republican, took 54 percent of the vote after Las Vegas odds-maker Wayne Allyn Root dropped out following the fifth ballot and endorsed Barr. Delegates subsequently selected Root to be Barr's running mate.

"Y'all party today," Barr told the more than 600 delegates at the Sheraton Hotel. "I hope we celebrate, because I'm sure we'll all leave here with the strongest ticket in the history of the Libertarian Party."

And that's saying something.

Barr, 59, said the Libertarian Party anticipates being on the ballot in at least 48 states, but work remains to be done in 20 of those to ensure access. Oklahoma and West Virginia remain obstacles, he said.

So much for those jokes about Oklahoma and West Virginia.

Bob's no Ralph Nader, either.

"I am a competitor, and I am in this to win," Barr said. "I do not view the role of the Libertarian Party as spoiler, and I have no intention of being a spoiler."

Several pollsters included Barr in recent surveys about November's general election.

Barr got 7 percent against Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, according to a poll Barr's exploratory committee commissioned from Pulse Opinion Strategies in early April. A poll by Rasmussen Reports from earlier this month showed Barr getting 6 percent nationally.

No Libertarian candidate for president has ever done that well. In 1980, Libertarian Edward Clark won 1.06 percent of the vote, and his 921,128 votes were the most ever for a Libertarian.

Bob Barr. The true conservative alternative. And a true patriot.

The Bob Barr REVOLution has begun!

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