Friday, July 13, 2007

Steyn In Vain

Mark Steyn sees all his dreams come tumbling down/He won't be happy without Connie around.

"It's not the crime, it's the demolishing of Conrad's life's work," said friend and columnist Mark Steyn.

"It's the knowledge that the first draft of history is going to be written by all your enemies, by all these kinds of jackals from Fleet Street who skipped the last four months but flew in here for the walk to the scaffold."

Steyn, who has known Black for 12 years and covered the trial for Maclean's magazine, said ahead of the verdict that a defeat would be "particularly devastating" to Black's wife Barbara Amiel Black.

Unlike her husband, she has found it difficult to remain optimistic throughout the trial and was subjected to intense media scrutiny for lashing out at reporters early on, calling them "vermin" and dismissing one female journalist as a "slut."
Why do we even let these criminal immigrants in the country in the first place?

Meanwhile, the New York Times says Connie could "could face up to 35 years in prison." As he's age 63, that seems pretty optimistic.

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