Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grand Old Police Blotter: A Vitter Pol to Swallow Edition

As we await the reveal of the identity of conservative think tank head who employed the services of Deborah Palfrey's PayPals, we must make do with news of a lesser john: David Vitter, a Republican United States Senator who, along with "his wife Wendy live[s] in Metairie with their four children, ages 13 and under, and are lectors at St. Francis Xavier Church."

Lector? I nearly swallowed 'er!

"For his work in Congress, David has received numerous awards from leading organizations such as Americans for Tax Reform, the 60 + Association, and the Family Research Council." Americans for Tax Reform? The Family Research Council? You don't suppose....

Nah, it must be a coincidence.

Vitter issued a press release claiming his activities were "a very serious sin in my past," thereby ending speculation as to whether he was banging a hooker even as he dictated the press release. In addition to his Beltway area hookers, Vitter also reportedly received constituent services from a home state ho. He refuses to consort with Mexican prostitutes, however, asserting that he is living proof that there's no job Americans won't do.

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