Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saint John Flames Out

Saint John McCain can spend money like a drunken Naval officer in support of an immoral and failed war, because it's someone else's money. Apparently, though, the Saint is a little more tight-fisted when its his own cash on the line:

An angry McCain reportedly confronted Weaver and Nelson about the campaign's operations, particularly the amount of money that was being spent even when it was clear funds were tight. The final confrontation, coming after McCain returned from a visit to Iraq over the weekend, ultimately led to their departures, according to sources.


Weaver and Nelson admitted a week ago that the campaign's assumption that McCain could raise at least $100 million this year had been badly flawed. That McCain would fall far short of that goal was apparent months ago, but the campaign reportedly was slow in making the necessary adjustments to prevent continued hemorrhaging of money in the second quarter of the year.

McCain has lost ground throughout the year, falling behind former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani in national polls and challenged by former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, still an unannounced candidate. In Iowa and New Hampshire, McCain invested heavily in building organizations, but has been outflanked in both states by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

McCain would have to launder money for the Coalition Provisional Authority for his campaign to see $100 million... ever.

This is the beginning of the end for the McCain myth. The corporate media groupies are moving on to prop up other G.O.P. frauds, like Muff Romney and Fred Thompson. If they can't sell the occupation, they surely can't sell the Saint.

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