Friday, January 05, 2007

Wingnut Welfare Reform

Is Wesley Pruden being shipped off involuntarily to the Old Lynchers' Home? This Washington Post online column says the second-generation bigot is slated to be shit-Klanned before summer:

A widely respected former reporter for the [Moonie] Times, George Archibald, has come forward with a detailed look at the power struggle within the paper's newsroom. Archibald portrays the battle as one "between Washington Times Corp. CEO Dong Monn [sic] (Douglas) Joo, who is the Reverend Moon's Korean translator in many venues and has been his go-fer for many years, and the reverend's youngest son, Preston Moon, an MBA graduate of Harvard, who has been anointed by his father as corporate successor."

Archibald sees editorial control of the paper shifting this coming spring: He says Preston Moon's plan is to "oust Joo as CEO of The Washington Times Corp., force [longtime editor in chief Wesley] Pruden's retirement no later that the 25th anniversary of The Washington Times on May 17, 2007, and hire a successor to Pruden as TWT editor-in-chief...."

I guess Preston doesn't like seeing his family's millions being flushed down a literal toilet. If true, this means one less right-wing subsidy for Francis the Talking Kluxer and his vile wife, Klanette. That would be a crying shame.

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