Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Sound Of One Hannity Clapping

In the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley critiques Sean Hannity's first televised visit to a whorehouse, which I alluded to last Sunday:

Underneath the flag-waving swagger, Mr. Hannity’s show is riddled with leftist subliminal suggestion and degrading, un-American images of violence and pornography. Last Sunday Mr. Hannity toured the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada and stood over two prostitutes lolling on a bed in skimpy lingerie, their hands placed between their legs, and asked them if they believed in God.

"Every week we will bring you a different side of the country you love," Mr. Hannity promised on the show's premiere on Jan. 7. Mostly, however, he seems to be exposing the worst excesses of godless capitalism.


But the Bunny Ranch visit was the last straw. While Mr. Hannity, who attended Roman Catholic parochial school, interviews scantily clad prostitutes, ostensibly urging them to quit and go to law school, the camera slowly moves from prostitute to prostitute, lasciviously lingering over the one with the largest, most exposed breasts.

"Is it all about the money?" he asks one young woman. "Yes," she replies patiently. "Any job is about the money."

The show was taped several weeks ago, but the prostitutes are still trying to wash the Hannity off of themselves.

I almost feel sorry for the other Roger Ailes. Neil Cavuto and John Gibson have been in his office every day, pitching specials on the peep show industry and begging for rolls of quarters.

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