Saturday, January 06, 2007

Time For Another Edition Of Inbred Hillbilly Law School

Glenn Greenwald (of the American Conservative!) has a fact-filled post about the Never-Right Wing of the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, inbred Republican Glenn Reynolds engages yet again in his habit of linking without thinking.

January 05, 2007

PELOSI'S APPROVAL RATING: lower than Bush's? You wouldn't know that from the press coverage.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh notes that things aren't quite as close as they appear. He's right to note that, and I should have followed the links myself. I'm guessing, though, that these numbers would be getting a lot more press attention anyway if the party affiliations were reversed.

Damn that nasty "MSM" for downplaying imaginary facts. Why must they conspire to ignore Reynolds' sad delusions?

P.S. Mark Kleiman has the details, not just the gratuitous insults.

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