Monday, September 27, 2004

On The Road, by Hack Hairlesshack

Robby Kaus, the Hairless Hack, has been on the road for a month, freeloading off his fellow right-wing Republicans like Tennessee Dim. I'd hate to be the air freshener in that car.

The Hack's hillbilly host thinks that real journalists should emulate Kaus, although its not clear why. The Hack has only written once about his travels, when he bitched about the number of freeway-accessible dirty book stores in the heartland. Undoubtedly Kaus spent more time with racist Lucianne Goldberg and her team of electrolysists than he did with the "real Americans" who've been screwed by Kaus's boy, Bush, and his policies, both foreign and domestic. And being on the road hasn't improved Kaus's subliterate writing style either.

p.s. -- In case anyone's forgotten, Kaus's fake editor gag was "borrowed" from other, funnier writers.

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