Sunday, September 12, 2004

Alan Keyes Is Making A Pact With Satan

Q and A with Alan Keyes, September 11, 2004:

Q: Has the fact that you are a Maryland resident and had previously never lived in Illinois been a campaign issue thus far? How do you address that when you're labeled as an "outsider" or a "carpet bagger?"

A: "I have to admit, I think it has been more of an issue with the media than with the people. It is a question that I continually encounter from the media and I don't recall that I have ever encountered it from an individual in Illinois. I think the people of Illinois are willing to judge me on who I am and what I can contribute and what I say instead of looking at extraneous things. I think the people of Illinois will look at me and what I have to offer rather than where I came from."

Chicago Tribune, August 15, 2004:

Keyes, the conservative political figure from Maryland who entered the Senate race last week after GOP nominee Jack Ryan withdrew his candidacy, made his first trip Saturday into the heart of Chicago's black community. Keyes, an African-American, was greeted with a resounding chorus of jeers and boos that bordered on outright hostility.

"Go back to Maryland!" and "Down with Keyes!" were the most common refrains.


Another man briefly grabbed Keyes' arm and advised Keyes, "Take your [expletive] back to Maryland."

It's not a lie, it's a tribute to President Reagan.

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