Thursday, September 16, 2004

G.O.P. Frivolous Lawsuit Malicious Prosecution Week Continues

Hmm... The crushing of dissent in the Land of the 'Cracker. I'm sure the make-believe libertarian will slam the State's abuse of individuals exercising their natural rights.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A judge has dismissed charges against a war protester who was arrested during a visit by President Bush last spring.

The disorderly conduct charge against Joe Scott was dismissed after witnesses and a videotape contradicted police testimony about his actions.

Scott, 57, claimed he was being singled out by Nashville police during the May 27 visit. "I'm very relieved," he said Tuesday. "I've not been tried as a criminal before."

During the trial, police testified that they wanted Scott, who was holding a "Fire Bush" sign, to move away from the shoulder of the road because he was creating a safety problem and because the U.S. Secret Service wanted protesters at least 10 feet from the street.

Mounted patrol officer Rita Harden testified that Scott had resisted and had run across the street. A videotape of the confrontation showed that Harden used her horse to bump Scott into the street, but it never showed him running away.

Sounds like Mr. Scott has a nice malicious prosecution case on his hands.

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