Monday, August 11, 2014

A Tea Party Champ Bears Arms

In March, I reported on self-identified Tea Party candidate Glenn Champ, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor of California.  The Champ for Governor website now welcomes visitors with this message:
And they thought they had Jesus nailed to the cross until the third day. He rose again. Now, it is apparent that California does not want any form of God.

So, please prepare yourself for the carnage that’s coming, from the wrath of Jesus the Christ.
Sometime after posting that message, Mr. Champ decided that Jesus the Christ was taking His own sweet time, and that would not do.
Champ and other property owners have been fighting over a paved road for the past few months. Witness Richard Norman says the ongoing fight escalated [last Thursday,] after Champ punctured the tires on a quad [all-terrain vehicle], sending the 13-year-old driver to call for his parents.
"The guy said, 'I'm (expletive) done with everything; I'm done with all the (expletive),' and ended up pulling out a gun and shooting John in the stomach," said Norman.
As they rushed to get the victim some help, witnesses say Champ continued to fire.
"I went to my car to hide behind the vehicles. I saw him shoot a few rounds into the pen," said Champ.
And those rounds struck and then killed a horse.
Authorities say Champ then took off. Tulare County Sheriff's deputies arrested him after a traffic stop near Goshen Friday morning.
Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says the one-time gubernatorial candidate has an extensive criminal history dating back nearly 30 years. In 1998, Action News cameras were rolling when Champ pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
"The voluntary manslaughter charge resulted from a case in the Prather area where Champ ran over a competitor trash collector with his garbage truck," said Mims.
Deputies say because Champ is a registered felon, he should never have had a gun in his possession.
Champ faces a number of charges including attempted murder and animal cruelty. 
It goes without saying that the Godly Champ was also a registered sex offender.

It is possible that Mr. Champ may avoid justice. In the June gubernatorial primary, Champ got over 59,000 votes, "nearly 2 percent of the total votes."


tata said...

It goes without saying that the Godly Champ was also a registered sex offender.

Just picture the Colorforms set: Glenn in hunting clothes, bad neighbor clothes, Sunday go to meeting clothes, and naked on a vinyl Barcalounger.

Jules said...

LIBERAL FALSE FLAG ... uh. Second Mamendment ... Wait, the victims are they - "Obama voters"? Oh. Uh. Why didn't that horse have a gun anywaaays??

[Please stand by while TeaParty Douche.Oh reboots]

The media is using this event to smear the Tea Party and gun owners, so we're the real victims.

Anonymous said...

Jules, you need a good shrink.

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