Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Nixon by Nixon

Great HBO doc on the Dick Tapes. I give it Two Rogers Up.

Highly recommended viewing for the likes of Bens Stein and Shapiro and Mikey Medved.

Pat Buchanan's aleady got it continuously looped on a monitor mounted on the ceiling over his bed.


LT said...

I will look for it.

Just started the Danish "The Killing." After watching into the third season of the American vresion - good Christ. Can Americans never not infect a show with schlocky cliche-swamped fuckery? Quite a thing that the (US) show is overall quite good, given how many crap characters and fucked up side story lines they have going. One episode into the Danish and it's like - oh, yeah, fuck yes.

Roger said...

No they can't.