Thursday, August 28, 2014

Putting Christ What A Load of Shit Back Into Christmas

Let Samuel Goldwyn Films tell you about the true meaning of Christmas.

Sure, A Madea Christmas had Lisa Whelchel and Larry the Cable Guy, but it didn't have a reenactment of the Council of NicaeaOr, as a main character, "a guy named Christian White who represents the typical white Christian male." 

Personally, I'd love to see Kirk team up with Kevin Sorbo, Chuck Norris and Mel Gibson for an "Expendables"-type Christian actioner.  Call it "The Excommunicables." 

P.S. Either the Christian Post is recycling old interviews or Kirk doesn't get out much. Noah was released five months ago.


fry1laurie said...

Cameron can try with all his "might", be he can never live down that his best friend on his TV show was named "Boner."

Montag said...

Does this film star a banana?

Unknown said...

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