Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sound of Settling

Herb Cain's going to need better flacks than Mark "Cock" Block. On MSNBC's Daily Goatee, CockBlock asserted that he had no "personal knowledge" was not "personally aware" of Herb's sexual harassment settlements, but vowed unequivocally than Herb had never harassed anyone. Chuck E. Todd was unable to formulate the follow up question, namely, whether Herb had told him about the harassment settlements. (Or, alternatively, whether CockBlock's assurance of Herb's courtliness was based on his 24/7 observation of the Herb's lobbying gig.)

It sounds as if Herb is trying, and failing, to deny the settlements without violating a confidentiality clause in the settlements (which means all gags are off).

Maybe Herb can appear on Bill O'Reilly's program to set the record straight.

Update: TPM has the video, and I have corrected the post to quote the exact words of CockBlock's dodge. You be the judge as to whether I was too hard on Chuck E. Todd.

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