Monday, October 03, 2011

Howie the Hack

Fresh off yet another fluffer of the other Roger Ailes, Howie Kurtz slanders Nancy Pelosi by printing fabricated quotes. Upon retraction, a Daily Beast mouthpiece lays the blame at Howie's clown shoes:

The article, Behind Obama's Populist Makeover, included a comment erroneously attributed to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, criticizing the administration's political messaging. The writer misread notes of an interview conducted by a colleague. The error has been corrected, and we’ve apologized to Nancy Pelosi's office.

What are the odds of Howie misreading something that aligns with his hatred of Dems? Even money. What are the chances that Howie will suffer consequences for his incompetence? Slim and none. If Kurtz becomes any more of an embarassment, the Daily Caller will offer him a big signing bonus to do a double act with Mickey Kaus.

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