Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Riehl to Douthat: Squeal Like A Pig

Self-proclaimed man's man Dan Riehl takes to the epages of Politicho to top Ross Douthat:

Dan Riehl, another conservative blogger, described [Jennifer Rubbin] as an "establishment Republican" and a "neocon" and said he suspected the Post uses her as a kind of foil, to define the rightward limit of the debate as relatively close to the center.

“She’s kind of like [center-right (sic) New York Times columnist] Ross Douthat in lipstick, assuming he doesn't wear any,” Riehl said. "I guess she couldn't get a job with Romney so she stayed with The Washington Post."

Manly Dan's going down on Rick Perry's sinking ship, apparently, while Douthat writes like a Santorum supporter. No wonder the sex is so rough.

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