Friday, November 12, 2010

Joe Loserman

Weak teabagger Joe Miller enlists a racist scumbag
to fight his losing battle:

Conservative political consultant Floyd Brown, acting as what he called a "volunteer strategist" for Miller, said the campaign had opened a voter fraud hotline to collect reports he said were flowing in to conservative radio talk show programs claiming bullying of voters, threats of job losses and other forms of purported intimidation aimed at garnering votes for Murkowski.

"There have been serious allegations of voter fraud, voter intimidation, voter bullying," Brown told reporters at the large warehouse where counting of write-in ballots, 98% of them for Murkowski so far, was winding up its second day.

"We encourage people who have been bullied themselves, people who have been told they would lose their jobs ... to call and share their story," Brown said. "Let me just say that Joe Miller takes these allegations of fraud and voter intimidation very seriously."

Retroactive voter intimidation. The number to call is 1-800-356-6887, or 1-800-FKN-NUTS.

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