Sunday, November 07, 2010

The "Doctor" Is Out

Howie Kurtz's Charm City lickspittle, David Zurawik, is crapping himself over this bit of programming information. I'm sure Zurawik will be back online to splutter after he gets finished polishing Howie's toupees.

Favorite Zurawik quote: "Really, in all the seminars I had to take to earn a Ph.D. I never heard one person talk the ridiculous hotdog way O'Donnell and Maddow do on these videos -- and a lot of the folks in those seminar rooms were pretty smart. This isn't about intelligence." Really, it isn't, "Doctor" Zurawik. Really really. Zurawik's post sounds like it was written by an elderly, incontinent Holden Caulfield, but without the benefit of J.D. Salinger's talent.

Update: First link fixed.

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