Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hacky Thanksgiving

The Hack Thirty created by Alex Pareene reads like the freshman class of the Print Media wing of the Media Whores Online Hall of Fame. Although I can't improve on the list, I'd suggest an alternative lineup with some equally loathsome bloviators and a change in ranking for others:

1. Mickey Kaus

2. Howard Kurtz

3. Mark Halperin

4. Richard Cohen

5. Marty Peretz (tie)

5. Maureen Dowd (tie)

6. David S. Broder

7. Charles Krauthammer

8. Jonah Goldberg

9. William J. Bennett

10. Ross Douthat

11. John Fund

12. Thomas Friedman

13. Dick Morris

14. Thomas Sowell

15. Fred Barnes

16. Ben Stein

17. John Podhoretz

18. Michael Gerson

19. Cal Thomas

20. L. Brent Bozell

21. Bill Kristol

22. Peggy Noonan

23. Jon Meacham

24. Megan McArdle

25. Sally Quinn

26. Debra Saunders

27. David Brooks

28. Al Neuharth

29. Andrew Sullivan

30. George F. Will

Honorable mentions go to Pat Buchanan, John Stossel, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Robert Kagan, Rich Lowry, Mort Kondracke, Lanny Davis, Jeff Jacoby, Andrea Peyser and anyone who has written for Reason.

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