Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thy Kill Be Done

Ross Douchehat says that the murder of doctors who provide abortions is God's will:

If abortion were returned to the democratic process, this landscape would change dramatically. Arguments about whether and how to restrict abortions in the second trimester — as many advanced democracies already do – would replace protests over the scope of third-trimester medical exemptions.

The result would be laws with more respect for human life, a culture less inflamed by a small number of tragic cases — and a political debate, God willing [sic - inshallah], unmarred by crimes like George Tiller’s murder.

Of course, Douchehat could just be saying that everything that happens, such as the 9/11attacks, is God's will. If abortion was "returned to the democratic process," God might stop the killing of doctors, or God might not. Hardly a reason to change anything.

As for how Douchey knows the result would be "laws with more respect for human life," or which lives Douchey is talking about, God only knows.

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