Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Having A Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here

I'm taking a week's vacation beginning on Thursday and my plan was simply to let the blog lay dormant and see if anyone would notice. In light of Governor Sanford's trip on the Hillbilly Treasure Trail (which starts at the airport men's room in Plumber's Crack, Georgia, it seems), or whatever it was, I thought I should give notice, lest someone panic and call the National Guard.

I haven't solicited guest-bloggers but, if you've previously guest-blogged, you can still sign in and fiddle about. And I might be able to hook up anyone else who e-mails by noon tomorrow at the fastmail.fm e-mail address.

What's in it for you? That special feeling you get when you help someone less fortunate, or get your dope through customs without detection.

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