Friday, June 05, 2009

Bay Buchanan Befriends a Bigot

Here's Bay Buchanan, sticking up for her little thug employee, Marcus Epstein:

Within this story it was reported that two years ago next month Marcus assaulted a black woman in Georgetown calling her the “n” word.

Sorry, Bay. Little Marcus didn't just assault the woman. He assaulted and battered her by hitting her in the head while calling her a nigger.

With respect to the incident I have been asked not to comment by Marcus’ attorney since the case is still pending. But putting the incident aside, the stories about Marcus were for the most part inaccurate and incomplete.

And yet, Bay does comment on the incident by putting her sleazy little spin on it. And doesn't identify a single inaccuracy in any version of the event that I've seen.

I write this story not as an excuse for Marcus’ actions. There is no excuse. Marcus would be the first to admit this, and he has, many times.

Except, of course, in his plea agreement, where the little shit refuses to admit responsibility for his actions.

Marcus is half Jewish, and half Korean.

Just so you don't think he's some dirty New York Puerto Rican.

He has a pronounced speech impediment

Although he has an amazing capacity not to slur his racial slurs, even when "completely intoxicated." Nice trick, that.

an exceptional mind, and a remarkable talent for writing. But it was only after this incident that I came to fully appreciate his finest qualities.

Namely, his ability to hit African-American women.

So anyway, Marcus gets depressed his senior year in college and because he's such a good little race baiter, Bay installs him in a spare closet at the manse.

As he sat in my living room my heart broke. Never had I seen a person in so deep and dark a place.

Uh, what about your crazy brother, Hank? The one who watched Hardball and then went off to shoot some guy that Chris Matthews falsely suggested was responsible for harassing Kathleen Willey?

Where's the family loyalty, Bay?

After exhausting himself emotionally he went to one of my spare bedrooms to sleep. He stayed several months and left only when he felt he was strong enough to be on his own again. But the demons were too great.

Early one Saturday evening, several months later, I received a call from a friend of Marcus’. "Marcus is in jail," he told me. The two of them had gone to Georgetown to have a drink before joining others for dinner, he explained. When they left their drinking hole, however, Marcus was completely intoxicated, nearly incapable of walking. It was then that the incident occurred.

So the incident occurred exactly as it was reported, except they left out the part where Marcus became magically intoxicated through no fault of his own. And Marcus didn't punch a cop like Bay's butch brother, Pat. Instead, he struck an innocent woman while spouting racial slurs.

Okay, who's been drunk?

Raise your hands.

And how many of you hit a woman while spewing racist slurs because of the booze?


Anybody here been depressed?

Beat up any women?

It's amazing that the troubled Marcus didn't paste Bay during all of those months in the Buchanan compound.

Wonder how that didn't happen.

Marcus was arrested and released that same evening. Unable to face this new level of disgrace and failure, he went to his office where he drank to make the pain go away -- for good.

Disgrace and failure? No 23 year old is a failure who has his own office stocked with booze and the keys to Bay Buchanan's magic kingdom.

Marcus agreed
to have his mommy and daddy and some high-priced legal talent run interference for him

and spent six weeks in a California facility. I told him if he did so he would have a job to come back to. In the last two years I have seen a transformation. He joined AA, attends meetings several times a week, and volunteers at detox and rehab facilities to help others struggling with alcoholism.

Here's the problem. If Bay is to be believed, little Marcus hasn't done shit. No mention of apologizing to his victim. No mention of restitution to the victim or to the United States for the cost of his prosecution. No public statement of remorse. No attempt to address his bigotry, indeed, he continues to work for loathsome bigots -- and not just the Buchanans.

But the Left doesn't care about any of this.

Well, you've got me there, Bay.

They kept moving this little tidbit, watching it ricochet around their shallow world in the blogosphere, until it landed on a popular site for incoming law students. There individuals who claim they’re interested in carrying-out justice in this world saw to it that Marcus paid again for his offense. With nothing but a skeleton of a story they initiated a campaign targeted at UVA's Admission Office. And they won -- Marcus will not be attending UVA Law School in the fall.

Yeah, it couldn't have had anything to do with Marcus lying on his law school application, could it, Bay? Now that we've got UVA Law by the balls, guys and gals, let's demand full professorships and bullshit chairs like Glenn Reynolds has.

Don't slit your wrists yet, Bay. You and Pat have been compensated handsomely for your bile and have been media darlings for over two decades without wasting three years on the Uniform Commercial Code and declarations against interest. Just introduce little Markkky Markkk to Phil Griffin and Jonathan Klein and I'm sure he'll do just fine in this cruel, cruel world.

Update: Final link corrected.

Update II: The Huffington Post says that Marcus's plea deal required him to write a letter of apology to his victim and a $1,000 donation to the United Negro College Fund. I'm sure those were his idea.

Bonus Fun:"Here's some remorse and self-awareness for you:

It would be futile to even begin to catalog all the people whose careers have been destroyed for uttering 'nigger' or even words that sound like 'nigger' no matter the context."

That's our boy, wallowing prospectively in his own victimhood, nine months after his crime. (See the quote in comments here; no link to the racist website where Marcus published the statement.)

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