Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visiting The Corner is Big Babywood blogger John Nolte, who offers this praise of C. Thomas Howell's finest film, Red Dawn:

From the safe, familiar environment of a classroom, we watch countless parachutes drop from the sky and into the heart of America. Oh, no: invading Commies! Laugh if you want -- many do -- but Red Dawn has survived countless more acclaimed films because Father Time has always been our most reliable film critic.

Mr. Nolte is under the impression that there was some colossal cage match between movies and Red Dawn managed to bludgeon several more effette films to death. Or perhaps he's illiterate.

But Nolte's critique pales in comparison to this one from Michael Long: "Some have interpreted the film as a Cold War allegory because it features a menacing bear." Who knew The Great Outdoors was a parable of the great twilight struggle?

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