Thursday, February 26, 2009

Higher Ignorance

Between feedings, the Doughy Pantload attempts to invent a controversy in which President Obama questions the patriotism of the Load's fan base, high school dropouts. Sayeth the 'Load:

On the other hand, why is it okay to question the patriotism of high school drop-outs when it's just about the worst thing in the world to question the patriotism of people in other circumstances?

Later, the 'Load quotes with approval a dimwit who's fallen for Pantload's premise:

I missed the speech last night and you're the first to note his comment about dropping out of high school equalling a lack of patriotism. Personally, I dropped out of high school around thirty years ago and went on to serve 25 years on active duty in the U.S. Navy reaching the highest enlisted grade of Master Chief Petty Officer. Kind of odd to hear my actions were unpatriotic. Hmmm?

Let's see who else questions the patriotism of those without high school diplomas:


Does an applicant have to have his/her GED or HS diploma in order to join the marines?


Hi Anthony,

In short, yes. High school diploma is preferred. Without either a HS diploma or a GED, the chances of enlistment are "nil," unless the applicant gets 15 or more college credits.

Even with a GED, the chances are not good (unless the applicant gets 15 or more college credits). The Marine Corps only accepts a maximum of 10 percent of their enlistments per year from GED-holders. 90 percent of all enlistees have either a high school diploma or at least 15 college credits.

For more information about the United States Military, feel free to visit my military information website at:

Hope this helps!

Rod Powers

It does, Rod!

So the Marine Corps only allows service by those who have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Pantload, who blames the failure of his glorious military career on his sorry ass, would characterize this rejection of dropouts as questioning the dropouts' patriotism.

To be fair, the 'Load of the RingDings does undercut President Obama's suggestion that everyone with a high school diploma -- or a degree from Goucher College -- is not a complete and utter fucking moron of no value whatsoever to the country.

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