Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joe McCarthy and Bull Connor, Meet Your New Roommate

Now he belongs to the worms:

In 1955, Mr. Buckley started National Review as voice for "the disciples of truth, who defend the organic moral order" with a $100,000 gift from his father. The first issue, which came out in November, claimed the publication "stands athwart history yelling Stop."

It proved it by lining up squarely behind Southern segregationists, saying blacks should be denied the vote. After some conservatives objected, Mr. Buckley suggested instead that both uneducated whites and blacks should not be allowed to vote.

Bill finally becomes the organic moral order he aspired to be.

p.s. to the NYT: You miscounted the grandkids.

p.p.s. to Josh Marshall: When someone dies of natural causes, the story usually doesn't develop any more.

p.p.p.s. -- To all those who claim that the conservative movement has degenerated from the cerebral and civilized days of Buckley, you don't need to revisit 1955 to disabuse yourself of that fantasy. Try 2005. A congenial prick with a large vocabulary is still a prick.

Update: Thanks to Bill S. in comments for the correction.

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