Sunday, February 03, 2008

Electability/Strong and Warm and Wild and Free

Can bloggers endorse Presidential candidates? Yes we can. But I don't imagine any of my 1,025 readers (on a good day) will be moved one way or another by my choice. You've probably got more interesting reasons for your vote than I do for mine.

My ballot will be cast on Tuesday for the candidate who has the best chance of winning in November. I think both Democratic candidates can win, so my vote is for the candidate who I think will win the most times out of a hundred.

Predicting that requires predicting numerous other variables, including who the Republican nominee will be. And guessing what kind of sleazy tricks and crimes the Republicans will think up in the coming months. It's a mug's game, for sure. But I could've told you the Giants would win the Super Bowl, if only you had asked.

P.S. Vote "No" on all those Indian casino propositions. The Editorial Voice has spoken!

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