Friday, November 09, 2007

Yeah, Right

The super observant and abundantly qualified Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement speaks:

The employee wore dreadlocks, dark makeup and prison stripes. [Julie] Myers and two other managers awarded him "most original costume" and Myers posed for a photo with him.

"Although I was not aware at the time of the contest that the employee disguised his skin color, I believe that it was inappropriate for me to recognize any individual wearing an escaped prisoner costume," Myers said.

Of course, this is utter bullshit. Meyers couldn't tell the guy was a white guy wearing makeup and fake dreadlocks, even though she was close enough to pose for a photograph with him? She must be damn confident that all traces of the photo have disappeared forever. And what precisely is an "escaped prisoner costume," as opposed to a prisoner costume? Meyers was able to make that (non-existent ass-covering) distinction but too stupid to suss out the guy's race?

Meyers is lying.

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