Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wingnut Blogger Makes Good

Former Reason hack and failed blogger RiShawn Biddle has parted ways with the Indianapolis Star following an eloquent denunciation of Democrats:

The newspaper's editor, Dennis Ryerson, removed the posting by RiShawn Biddle Wednesday and apologized to readers.

Then, at 5:30 p.m., Tim Swarens, editor of Opinion and Community Conversations, sent this one-sentence note to the staff of the Gannett newspaper:

"Effective immediately, editorial writer RiShawn Biddle is no longer employed by The Indianapolis Star."

Riddle's blog entry was titled, "The Indianapolis Black Democrat minstrel show."

It was originally called "Coons for Power," judging from the Web address for the blog entry, which uses those words, and according to the Indianapolis blogosphere.

One blogger wrote that the piece originally compared the council president to "Zip Coon, a derogatory, racial slur on black men dating to the days of slavery."

Return to the wingnutosphere, Mr. Biddle. You'll soon be rolling in links from Instacracker and his pals. And thousands of comments about how unfair it is that white folks -- and conservatives -- just can't use some perfectly good words.

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