Monday, March 30, 2015

Sullivan To Readers: You Are All Mindless, Soulless Subhumans

Silly Sully comes out of hiding to talk about himself, one of many subjects of which he lacks any real knowledge.
"The truth is, I had to stop primarily because it was killing me," Sullivan said Sunday night at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.
"I spent a decade of my life, spending around seven hours a day in intimate conversation with around 70,000 to 100,000 people every day, " Sullivan said. "And inevitably, for those seven hours or more, I was not spending time with any actual human being, with a face and a body and a mind and a soul."
It apparently never occurred to Sully (or the non-human "small editorial staff" who actually wrote his posts) that he could work five days a week, or less than seven hours a day.

But it's nice to see Sully admit that the readers who he was intimately conversing with -- without actual interaction -- lack minds and souls.  At least they have that in common with Sully.

Update:  Confidential to A.S.:  Patient: "Doc, it hurts when I do this." Doctor: "Don't do that."


Victor Catano said...

Oh jesus fucking christ. SEVEN WHOLE HOURS? SITTING DOWN AND TYPING? Nurses and cops and teachers are laughing at you.

Kevin Hayden said...

Intimate conversation with around 70,000 to 100,000 daily?

That's a lot of cuddling to do when one hand's busy typing and the other's busy patting yourself on the back.

Dark Avenger said...

Get off the Cross, Andy, someone else could use the wood.

Montag said...

There has got to be something about this that ol' Sully doesn't want to talk about. I mean, is he really making the case that slinging half-assed BS for seven hours a day is the equivalent of both work and solitary confinement? (Oh, hell. Of course he is.)

Odds on that he's secretly whinging about some Village cocktail party he missed because... readers.

Justin said...

He quit because people stopped contributing to his blog. His readers stopped supporting him.

I read Sullivan fairly regularly for years, and when he went to a reader supported model, I threw him $20.

But afters supporting him, I started to realize that his blog was kind of boring and he didn't really have anything interesting to say. The final straw was when he wrote a post about the merits of the Benghazi conspiracy. I just got tired of his middle of the road both sides are at fault BS.

His readers stopped caring, and that is what killed his blog.

Phil Perspective said...

Didn't he take off a month each Summer when he went to Nantucket, or was it Martha's Vineyard? And Christmas/New Year's too? I guess what I'm saying is that he took more vacation than most people in 9-5 jobs.

CZHA said...

Damn. Coal mining would be so much easier.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope he would have worked a bit harder, and finished the job. Please send this whiny, self-entitled little man back to England? We really don't need any more crybabies here; we have plenty of Republicans already.

Skinny Little Boy from Cleveland, Ohio said...

He longs for the days when he could cruise Metrobuses for tricks while running TNR into the ground.

anthrosciguy said...

Damn. Coal mining would be so much easier.

You bloody well got that right.

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