Thursday, March 19, 2015

Release The a1c

Sure, Scott Walker's fabrications about fingering Ronald Reagan's Bible are interesting, but they don't put anyone's health or life at risk.

Not so with Mike Huckabee's promotion of a diabetes cure in which he declares himself a "Former Diabetic."  Diabetics can suffer serious consequences if their blood sugar is not well-controlled. By, for example, forgoing insulin and relying on a quack cure.

Now, I'm no Bill Frist, but ... something ... tells me that if Huck was ever a Type II diabetic, he still is. Boy looks like he can glaze donuts with his piss.

This is serious stuff.  Huckabee is now selling snake oil without his usual freedom of religion get-out-of-jail card.  Some responsible outlet (with an actual audience) should be investigating this, and not just laughing at it.

Of course, Huck could prove he is a former diabetic with a single a1c test. But he won't.


Anonymous said...

I ain't eating no more donuts.

Anonymous said...

Type 2 diabetics who undergo bariatric surgery and significant weight loss can have a significant improvement in control to the point of no longer needing diabetes treatment.

Montag said...

Huckabee continues to prove that there's a seamless thread running between the snake-oil salesmen of old, the religious charlatan and the politician.

He's all three in one!

Roger said...

Yes, anon, until they return to their old condition. Huckabee's current condition (see link) is not that of a bariatric surgery success story.

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