Friday, January 16, 2015

I Smell A Class Action Lawsuit

It only could have been more hilarious if the kid's name was Horst Schitt.

P.S.  No one could ever have seen this coming.


Montag said...

The mother's comment, sort of wedged between other issues, that the kid (i.e., the mother) wasn't getting his share of the profits from the book, seems to loom larger than intended in the decision to submerge the book's reputation.

That said, the kid's insistence that only the Bible is the true word of God and is untainted by human meddling, is quite funny, since it was entirely written (and rewritten) by men, and unfortunately pegs the kid (and his mom) as just fundies looking to cash in on his purported faith.

Ah, well, the intersection of money and religion in America is always a source of amusement.

Susan of Texas said...

Smells like a fight over assets and child support.