Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Note To Andrew Sullivan's Readerss

Good news!  Your subscriptions to The Dish are fully transferable to Roger Ailes.  Just calculate the balance of your Dish subscription and send that amount to this blog. 

Roger Ailes members will have an exclusive first look at our forthcoming post, "The Andrew Sullivan Decade and a Half."

Subscribers can e-mail the proprietor for payment details.


Rand Careaga said...

Seriously, Roger, you'd have to ramp up your game. Like him or despise him, Sullivan put a lot more daily energy into his blog than you have into yours, which sometimes goes a week or more without refreshment.

Roger said...

I'm sorry I'm not available to take your comment at this time. My ghostwriters will respond to you shortly.

Anonymous said...

Sullivan's defenders border on the cult-like. He has amassed an record of shallowness, incompetence, racism, etc. that is quite remarkable. His exits have always been petulant and his hypocrisy has always been evident for all to see--trolling for anonymous sex partners while advocating gay marriage and being a one man example of how HIV is transmitted. His fans seem to be examples of Stockholm Syndrome or perhaps people drawn to dysfunctional objects of affection. If he really means it this time (he didn't 10 years ago), all we can say is good riddance.

Susan of Texas said...

Publishing the lint from your naval-gazing doesn't take much energy.