Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday In the Park with Optics

If anyone thought that Chuck the Roast with Chuck E. Todd was going to be any different than Meet Dancin' Dave or Meet Pumpkinhead, I pity that fool.  Todd is simply the latest on the conveyor belt of pasty fatheads whose love for the country Republican Party is exceeded only by his love for seats in the owner's skybox at FedEx Field.

I caught the last 15 minutes of the program, in which our man Chuckles focused on the number one issue of nobody ever: optics.  Or, as it is more commonly known, Black Man Golfing. 

That was followed by a segment entitled "What Everyone In Washington Knows But Is Afraid to Say," in which the assembled courageous truthtellers spoke the unspeakable: Hillary Clinton is running for President.  If there is any fatuous blowhard in D.C. who hasn't said Clinton is running for President before Chuckie's program today, I'd like to know what she or he looks like, because she or he has never appeared on U.S. television. 

To be fair, perhaps the first 45 minutes of the program contained news and insightful analysis. To be fair, that would be contrary to everything in the last 10 years of Chuckie's career.  

Go Bills!


fry1laurie said...
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fry1laurie said...

It's not meant to generate "news". It's meant to generate beltway "talk", which then can be spoken about as "news" and regurgitated back to the public. Blather, rinse, repeat.

Montag said...

Hell, we know what everyone in Washington is talking about: each other.

Washington has always been an insulated fever swamp and television has incrementally raised that condition to the third power.

Chuck Todd isn't going to change that one iota.

LT said...

Go Bills yes dang it.

Lancaster, represntin yo.