Saturday, September 06, 2014

Fuck Them If They Can't Take They're A Joke

Here's one for that ancient sot Peggy Nooners and the other wingnut fans of Joan Rivers:
Rivers said, “Sarah Palin, I think she’s not my all time favorite. You know how you have a car sign that says be careful handicap person. I think when they have a retarded person driving a car it should be a picture of Sarah Palin with a line through it.”
That was a month ago. And it wasn't new material.  

The Palinically-challenged, like John Nolte (no link to Hoft Jnr.) simper about "Speech Enforcers" in their eulogies of Rivers. But it was FNC who booted Rivers from an appearance after she stated the obvious about Sharia Plain.  (See the new material link.)

Nooners is surely relieved that she wasn't famous enough for Rivers to say of her, “Number one, the girl made it on her back fucking the president, we all know that....Whatever she is, she’s a drunk."1 (At least in public.) Nooners just laps it up because it's not directed at her, and because her d.t.s cause her to forget she often pretends she's above all that.

In honor of Ronnie Veagan, call it "The Return of Senility." 

1 Rivers speaking of Chelsea Handler, in another context, in two separate quotes.

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