Friday, June 27, 2014


Today, Keith Plunkett, the policy director for Teabags McDaniel (R-Loser) tweeted:
“A good man is gone today [because] of a campaign to destroy lives.... To all ‘so called’ Republican leaders who joined lockstep: I WILL NOT REST!”
(Not rest until what, exactly?)

Never-to-be Senator Teabags McDaniel added:

Regardless of recent allegations made against his character, Mark Mayfield was a fine Christian man who was always respectful and kind,” McDaniel said. “He was one of the most polite and humble men I’ve ever met in politics. He was a loving husband, father, a pillar of his community, and he will be missed. We are saddened by his loss, and we send our thoughts and prayers to his wife, his family and friends.”
And what Christ-like act of kindness and respect was the ever-genteel Mayfield accused of?
Mayfield was arrested May 22 and charged with conspiracy.
The Madison County district attorney alleged that he gave advice to a blogger on how to get into the nursing home where Rose Cochran, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, lives so that he could photograph her. Mayfield declined to take the pictures himself, the prosecutor said, but his mother had lived in the facility so he knew the best way in.How could McDaniel have failed to mention what a loving father Mayfield was?
I've never been accused of invading the privacy of a mentally incapacitated spouse of a political rival, but I'm fairly confident that my reaction to a false allegation of such conduct would not be to kill myself, causing pain to my wife and family. Mr. Mayfield may have been innocent (although at least one of his alleged co-conspirators plainly claimed otherwise), and he may have had problems -- physical or psychological -- we know nothing about. But to blame Mayfield's political opponents for Mayfield's actions is beneath contempt, particularly when the Tea Party line is that McDaniel knew nothing about the criminal enterprise (and thus cannot vouch for Mayfield's innocence).

Apropos of Keith's twatter is this: "McDaniel allies have argued that the whole nursing home incident was politicized to get sympathy for Cochran in what became one of the nastiest races in memory."  I'll have to speculate that Mississippi criminalizes the filming of incapacitated patients even when a Senate race is not involved.  But if so, it wasn't politicization of the criminal caper that put Mayfield on the wrong side of the law, it was the caper itself.

Update (6/29/14):  More of the teabag craziness that proves my point.  These fuckheads are delusional.


Jules said...

I think taking her picture fits nicely into Mississippi's anti-exploitation laws and I'm not sure how they'd argue that she would have wanted her picture taken and to have it used in that way.

So as usual, ignorant Republican apes are complaining that they're the real victims because they can't break the law at will. Le boo. La hoo.

Montag said...

I was kinda hoping that the guy had left a note saying that he was ending it all for taking James O'Keefe's advice and thus getting caught.

Dark Avenger said...

As an attorney and officer of the court, he was not only looking at criminal charges by possible disbarment, if not just a suspension of some sort, from the local Bar Association, if he indeed was an accessory before the fact, as the legal term goes.

His career would've been over, and all over a stupid caper that should've never gotten out of the planning stage in the first place. Add to that anything that would lead to poor decision making in the first place, from substance abuse to political ideology, and the road to suicide isn't so inexplicable, unfortunately.

I feel sorry for his family. They didn't need any of this BS.

Roger said...

He did leave a note, according to reports.

I doubt it says "Thanks, RINOs."

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It says, "Untie, Angry Old White People! We Shall Overthumb!"

Jules said...

Now his family is talking about suing the local police department for arresting him and also trespassing after he shot himself.

Montag said...

Jules, now we know what was in the suicide note: "Sue the sonofabitches."

Anonymous said...

“He was one of the most polite and humble men I’ve ever met in politics... a pillar of his community..."

And a speaker for the Mississippi Council of Conservative Citizens!
One of his guest speakers was featured speakers was Brigitte Gabriel, recently famous for that hate-fest at the Heritage Foundation directed at a Muslim girl.