Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Dylan Byers' Is Off

PoliticHo gives us another thumb-sucker from a digital rectal exam specialist:
For better of worse, the people formerly known as bloggers need to have specialties in order to command a following. Ezra Klein needs to cover domestic policy, Nate Silver needs to make predictions, Ta-Nehisi Coates needs to write about race, and so on and so forth. You can switch beats, but you have to have one.
To the extent I have one, my raison d'ouevre, my contre bete noire, if you will, is ridiculing self-regarding right-wing media tw*ts, only some of whom have clownish facial hair.  But I can write about whatever I want, and don't have to polish John Harris' Jag or Mike Allen's head, nor fill a hackish quota.

The pay sucks, but the rewards are great.

(link via TBogg )

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