Monday, April 28, 2014

Customers Who Liked "Monster Hunters International" Also Bought "I Married A Solipsist" By Glenn and Helen Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds, Three-Legged Chair of Inbred Peckerwood Studies at the University of Tennesee, cries that science fiction has been politicized, and that wingnut writers of the genre have been "punished" in some unspecified way for being wingnuts. He cites that case of one Larry Correia, "the author of numerous highly successful science fiction books like Monster Hunter Intetnational and Hard Magic," and a man I neither know or care anything about.  Unless I misread the column, Mr. Correia's punishment did not involve anything that prevents him from selling enough books to become highly successful.

Instacracker fulfills a large part of his contractual obligation to USA Today by pasting a large blockquote from Larry's blog, in which Lar blubbers that people spread "libel and slander" about him by saying... well, it doesn't matter, take Lar's word for it.  And, if that wasn't enough, Lar was also sabotaged, maligned and politicked against something awful. Instacracker also suggests that Lar will probably lose a popularity contest at some fan convention because he isn't the most popular author nominated. You'd think a man who pretends to be an international monster hunter for a living would be a bit more stoic about the chance he won't make prom king.  

But, wait, there's no more!  If people can't be nice to Lar, then science fiction is ruined forever. End of story.

If I was a cynic, I'd think 'Cracker was just using his USA Today column to get more Amazon referral fees.  

P.S.  Those parsing the text will note that I "punished" Professor Peckerwood above by suggesting he is an inbred peckerwood.  Or did I "punish" inbred peckerwoods?  Either way, 'Cracker's got yet another column about wingnut victimization, if he wants it.


Montag said...

Yet one more instance of the great threat to conservatives' right to fee speech.

From observation, criticism, deconstruction or simple dislike of the content of said fee speech.

Mike N. said...

That vampire/zombie shite is not real science fiction, anyway. He's just another hack cranking out male-oriented pop drivel.

LT said...

You insulted inbred anythings, pretty sure.