Saturday, March 22, 2014

Get Fucked

Meanwhile, in traditional marriage news:
LAS VEGAS — The wedding was a modest affair, held in a reception hall overlooking an artificial lake tucked behind a suburban strip. But just minutes after it ended, the bride and groom hurriedly scurried past dozens of protesters here who were chanting “Bigamist!” and “Shame on you!”
Meir Kin, the new husband, has been divorced for more than seven years, under California’s civil law. But he has refused to give his previous wife the document known as a “get,” as required by Orthodox Jewish law to end a marriage. In the eyes of religious authorities, the woman he married in 2000 is what is called an agunah — Hebrew for chained wife. Without the get, the woman, Lonna Kin, is forbidden under Jewish law to remarry.
Jewish law prohibits men from taking multiple wives. But Mr. Kin, according to several rabbis here, apparently relied on a legal loophole, which says that if a man can get the special permission of 100 rabbis to take a second wife, he is able to do so.
The article further reports that the git wil give his first wife a get in exchange for sole custody of their 12 year old son (who apparently was three when they split) and half a million dollars.

Yes, that does sound like blackmail, even if the only threat is religious bullshit.  

I don't know anythiung about this practice, but apparently it has led to circumstances where vicrims of such blackmail hired other rabbis to kick their husbands' asses.

I blame all of this on homosexuals.

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Davis said...

Wives are the husbands' property. A 5,000 year-old belief. You can't get more traditional than that.