Friday, March 28, 2014

Everybody's So Different, I Haven't Changed

Talking Points Memo has started publishing sponsored content. From this we learn that Scientology is much worse than Big PhRMA, hoo ha-wise. At Crooked Timber, P. O'Neill remembers in a comment when those disco hotspots still held some charm from us:
I know there’s going to be a Dylan goes electric vibe to all the complaining, but aren’t things getting a bit weird with all the bloggers we grew up on? … Ezra Klein now seeming to want his own version of Politico, TPM doing this Impact thing with lobby money and the first article being the developing country toilet thing that’s been done to death already, Nate Silver in whatever (hopefully) teething problems he’s got, and Slate collecting bloggers while simultaneously chasing some of those Daily Mail eyeballs with screaming headlines. Maybe when Josh Marshall gets some reader feedback he’ll see the light.
Of course, Roger Ailes has been compromised editorally since Jim Capozzola bought out its banner ad back in the day, so I'm reserving judgment until all the bids are in.

Although frankly, I'm surprised B Ph. didn't go for The Dish -- must be a why buy the cow scenario.

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