Thursday, February 13, 2014

MRC Killings

Jim Romensko reveals that Tim Graham is the Jeff Dunham to Brent Bozell's racist dummy: 
Two other people with ties to MRC confirmed that Graham is Bozell’s ghostwriter – and that Graham is not happy with the assignment.
“Tim just resents having to do it,” says a former employee.
Graham’s wife, too, is so angry about the arrangement that she refuses to attend Media Research Center events.
“She hates Bozell,” I’m told. 
I wouldn't put it past Timmy to tell Mrs. Graham that el-Brent forces him to watch MTV and Logo and The Real Housewives of New Jersey just so he can write Bozell's columns.   

I can understand why Timmy would want a bigger cut of the proceeds MRC makes off the rubes, but what person in his right mind would want to take credit for writing this:
Why can't leftists ever take responsibility for anything?
Since this band [Bad Religion] believes churches are a blight on society, it's unsurprising that 20 percent of their sales proceeds [for a Christmas CD] will go to suing the Catholic Church through the "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests," a group as despicable as it is dishonest.
Yes, in el-Brent/Timmy's collective mind, there's nothing so despicable as rape victims, those lying little sluts.


DanF said...

Wait - Doesn't the right hate the Catholics again thanks to Pope Marxist? Or are these bozos just big fans of child molestation? So hard to keep up with their shifting terrain...

Roger said...

The wingnut narrative is that Vatican II let in all the gay pedo priests (even the ones who rape girls are gay) and the left is hypocritical for the bashing the pedos they love so much. I'm sure some of them think it was a 50-year plot by the Gay Mafia to bring down the Church from within.