Monday, February 10, 2014

Inbreeding Will Tell

Having devoured the last of Andy B.'s formidible corpse, the maggots are now going cannibalistic on each others' asses to keep themselves alive. The latest tale of Dolchstossing, according to The Daiily Choler, centers on unemployable shyster Ben Shapiro, who apparently was the last to latch onto Breitbart while the latter was nominally alive:
While Shapiro declined to talk for this piece, The Mirror is hearing numerous grumblings and stories of serious hardship about how difficult life is there since the death of their beloved leader Andrew Breitbart. Some current and former employees are pained by some of the things they see happening there, bizarre, inexplicable directives and childish grudges for example, and other things they say Breitbart never would have tolerated.
As many already know, Dana Loesch, who was one of Breitbart’s closest cohorts, filed a $75k lawsuit against the company in late 2012 because she claimed execs wouldn’t let her out of her contract and badmouthed her to other suitors interested in hiring her. She settled with Breitbart News in July of 2013. She now works for Glenn Beck over at TheBlaze.

Internally, the general feeling was that once Shapiro started TruthRevolt, the right-wing media watchdog site, that he’d be venturing over there full time and leaving Breitbart in the dust. But Breitbart has managed to keep him on in a limited capacity that allows him to go full-time at TruthRevolt as well as retain a position at Breitbart News.
(sic -- All shitty writing (c) Betsy Rothstein, 2014)

Yes, if there's anything the world needs, it's another shitty right-wing media watchdog site to compete with NewsBustards,, Mediaite, Depends Media, Twanky and's own Big Journaljism.  It seems Shapiro, like every hack on the right, wants to stay wrapped up in Breitbart's pelt while keeping Breitbart's gelt solely to himself. 
But how can continue to work with Benjy when he gives TruthRevolt the exclusive on "NBC Commentator's Wardrobe Shows Support for LGBT"?  (Currently the most-viewed story on The Wide World of Splutter.)

One cannot help but picture The Virgin Ben and Joel Pollack storming off to their respective rooms, slamming their respective doors and wailing, "I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!" into their respective well-loved blue Snuggles -- all while speed-dialing Betsy Rothstein.

Warning: Link to The Daily Choler.

Update:  While the wingnutosphere provides 24/7 coverage of Benjy's butthurt, a promising real news website is launched.


Anonymous said...

"bizarre, inexplicable directives and childish grudges for example"

I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that the Breitbrats might start acting bizarrely or holding childish grudges. Woocoodanode?

Roger said...

Roger Ailes' commenters are the best e-pimps on the Subcontinent.

Anonymous said...

One little link to the Choler and the whole world thinks you want to get screwed.


Mooser said...

"Gelt" is good, "pelf" is better.