Friday, November 08, 2013

Logan's Rum

Another Teabag fairy tale exploded:
The correspondent for the disputed “60 Minutes'’ segment about the attack on the United States Special Mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year apologized on the air Friday morning, saying it was a “mistake'’ to put on a security officer whose credibility has since been undermined by his diverging accounts of his actions that night.

The reporter, Lara Logan, said on “CBS This Morning'’ that the news division was misled by the officer, adding, “We will apologize to our viewers, and we will correct the record on our broadcast on Sunday night.”
The apology followed disclosure by The New York Times on Thursday evening that the security contractor, Dylan Davies, had provided the F.B.I. an account that contradicted a version of events he provided in a recently published book and in the interview with “60 Minutes,” which was broadcast on Oct. 27.
Mr. Davies told the F.B.I. that he was not on the scene until the morning after the attack.
For those unfamiliar with Davies, this sums him up pretty well: "Davies['] motivation to lie presumably has something to do with the fact that he is coming out with a book about alleged warnings that he gave the U.S. government about security flaws before the attack."

Let's go behind of the scenes with the crack investigative news team at 60 Minutes, which is not at all similar to the late Mike Levey's "Amazing Discoveries" (since Mike's financial conflict of interest was blatantly obvious, rather than concealed)": 
“He denied that [incident] report [to his employer],” Ms. Logan said, “and he said that he told the F.B.I. the same story that he had told us. But what we now know is that he told the F.B.I a different story to what he told us. And, you know, that was the moment for us when we realized that we no longer had confidence in our source. And that we were wrong to put him on air.”
That magic moment!

You can't put anything past Logan, if someone else does her job for her after the fact.  What we now know is that the CBS News division is infested with right-wing hacks.

Will Logan be axed?  I Rather doubt it.

But if she is, Breitbart News is hiring. 


Anonymous said...

CBS News infested with right-wing hacks? I'd say you should ask Dan Rather when he's on as one of the last surviving journalists who witnessed first-hand the assassination of JFK, now that the 50th anniversary of that tragic event is coming up.

Oh, that's right! CBS News has decided that Dan Rather can no longer be acknowledged in any way, shape, or form. Not since that unpleasantness with the Bush boy's National Guard records. So, no, Dan cannot come on the air to talk about what he saw and heard that horrible November day.

Montag said...

Logan seems to be on much the same career trajectory as Geraldo Rivera.