Friday, November 08, 2013

Like Father, Like Scum

The Paul family has an interesting relationship with the hired help.

1.  Ron Paul hires racists to ghostwrite the racist "Ron Paul Newsletter," then claims ignorance of the newsletter's content and asserts he's not responsible for the work of his ghostwriters.  Of course, Paul keeps the money from the sale of his racist newsletters.

2. Rand Paul hires the racist "Southern Avenger" to ghostwrite his book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington and work on his Senate staff, then allows the racist ghostwriter to resign when his past is revealed.  Of course, Paul keeps the money from his book sales.

3.  Rand Paul has his Senate staff ghostwrite his second book, speeches and Moonie Times column using plagiarized material.  When he's caught, Paul plays the victim but refuses to fire the responsible staffers, presumably because they would reveal the extent of Paul's personal involvement in the theft of intellectual property.  Of course, Paul keeps the money from his book sales, speeches and column.  

I'm sensing a trend.

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