Thursday, September 19, 2013

Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard

Mickey Kaus has just discovered that private hospitals -- including the one in which he was dropped on his head as an infant -- offer additional amenities for well-to-do patients.  (Yes, now you can recuperate after childbirth in the equivalent of a Residence Inn, located atop an institute named for a billionaire advocate for socialized medicine who became wealthy via a U.S. government grant!)

Kaus frets that this means the best nurses will begin gravitating toward "VIP-high roller duties," unlike in all previous human history, when health care professionals clamored instead for the prestigious but poorly-paid duty of sponge bathing psychosomatic Slate bloggers earning high five figure salaries for 20 minutes of work a day.

The hairless hack's muddled point appears to be that Obamacare won't eliminate luxury medicine and is therefore a failure or, possibly, that Obamacare is not needed because luxury medicine exists.  Either way: Obama sucks!

The only thing missing is Kaus's concern that ferriners are using high-end hospitals to drop anchor babies.


Elroy said...

Nice ti have you back Roger!

bob_is_boring said...

What Elroy said; word.

fry1laurie said...

Rog, you know the (politically) correct spelling is "furriners", as they breed like minks.

Davis said...

Glad you're back. I notied that Kaus's previous piece was defending Crossfire.

parsec said...

If they know about the legend the next time he checks into a hospital they'll have the goat ready for him.

The VIP goat.