Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen Feel The Noize

Tbogg has the post-game low-down on the Brinker Bow-Down:

Which, some are pointing out, means that they didn’t exactly fold like a lawn chair under Chris Chistie, so much as they punted to buy themselves some time. But the fact remains that by making an unforced error in denying Planned Parenthood funding (in the grand scheme of things, a paltry $680,000) the Komen Foundation exposed themselves as a rats nest of wingnuts, irreparably damaged their brand, lost countless supporters (and therefore millions of dollars), and gave Planned Parenthood an enormous boost at a time when they really needed it. Corporations who have been pink-mailed by the Komen Foundation now have the ability to gracefully withdraw and focus their attentions elsewhere. Other corporations who have been threatened by the forced birthers to withdraw any funding of Planned Parenthood got a glimpse of the type of whirlwind they might reap for making such a move.

Brinker blinked.

I don't trust Komen any farther than I can throw Chris Christie, but it's clear Komen has been put on notice that its future dishonesty won't go unnoticed. Komen might be a good charity "if it had been somebody there to shoot [it] every minute of [its] life." On the other hand, life's too short. Shoot it and move on.

Update: Given the revelation that Komen hired the talking penis to do its dirty work, my advice has changed to shoot it, shoot it several more times and bury it at sea, next to bin Laden.

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