Thursday, March 03, 2011

Davidiayns At The Movies

David Koresh's unrequited lover, Matt Welch, gives Atlas Tugged, Part One two thumbs up his ass:

My five-word movie review as someone who hasn't read the book is that lovers, haters will both enjoy (for different reasons, obviously). You cared about the story and the protagonists, the look and sound were mostly (and surprisingly) handsome, Dagny in particular and Hank were good, and there are some pretty awesome capitalism, bitches!-style moments. Felt a bit like they were speeding through the material, and so characters (and ever-present cable news shows that cared deeply about the construction of rail lines) did a lot of heavy expositional lifting that didn't much resemble dialogue or news broadcasts.

If Welch hasn't read the book, how does he know that they were speeding through the material? Perhaphs the same way he "knows" that "Janet Reno's FBI" gunned people down in Waco in 1993. He doesn't, and he doesn't give a shit.

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