Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hip Replacement Needed

In the course of a post calling Jerry Brown an "old coot," temporarily-employed hack Mickey Kaus writes:

Whitman: This person has no sense of humor. Makes George Deukmejian look like George Jessel! Seems annoyed she has to participate in this pointless democratic ritual when she could be in a boardroom with Mitt Romney. (You can see her thinking: "I guess I have to force a smile again.") I imagine the public employee unions might quickly cave to her demands just so they don't have to spend any more time in a room with her. Fails to hang Brown's disastrous appointment of Chief Justice Rose Bird firmly around his neck.

Yes, the most pressing issue of the 2010 Governor's race is Rose Bird, who was voted out of office 24 years ago. Kaus doesn't explain his hard-on for Bird. Perhaps he overheard Rose and Otto in the Supreme Court robing room, commiserating over Otto's shame in having such a worthless kid.

(Otto Kaus was also a Brown appointee; surprisingly, Midget Mick doesn't bash him for that as well.)

And how about that George Jessel zinger? Very relevant. I guess the midget wanted a more topical pop culture comparison than Fanny Brice or Theda Bara.

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